Where is your beeswax from?

We source our raw beeswax from a number of Irish beekeepers. The colour of beeswax varies from very pale almost white, to dark almost brownish is colour. We use no artificial colours, but because of this natural variation in colour of the beeswax, our melts vary in colour.


Why Essential Oils?

We are committed to using only natural ingredients so you won't find no artificial fragrances here! We love essential oils because not only do they smell great, they also have other aromatherapy benefits (lavender aids sleep, eucalyptus eases congestion etc.)


What to expect from our melts?


If you are used to burning paraffin jar candles or wax melts and hope to get the same fragrance effects from our wax melts, you may be disappointed. These products often use high volumes of cheaper synthetic fragrances that quickly and easily fill your home with an often overwhelming smell. Our products are much more subtle and natural!

When will my melts be dispatched?

We keep a very small amount of stock so most of the time our beeswax melts are made to order, because of this, please allow up to 5 working days for dispatch currently. 

How much is Delivery?

Postal rates are weight dependent and will be calculated at checkout. We use An Post for all deliveries.


Any other questions?

Email us at smellybeeswaxmelts@gmail.com, we'll reply the same day with any queries you have.


If you are a wholesaler interested in stocking our product please contact us via email at smellybeeswaxmelts@gmail.com